Meat & Poultry


Australian Wagyu Beef

Australia is one of the biggest producers of Wagyu beef in the world, and uses its own grading scale, the AUS-Meat marbling system. The scale goes from 0 ( No Marbling) to 9+ (Extraordinary amounts of marbling), Different feeding techniques also impacts wagyu’s texture and size. Australian crossbred wagyu are fed for 350 to 450 days.

Australian Black Angus Beef

The Black angus beef is good equality meat with delicate marbling. The cattle tend to feed on grass initially, as they grow, ranchers may supplement their feed with corn or grain to further enhance the marbling.

Grass Fed Beef

Cattle which spend 100% of their lives in open, free-range pasture, feeding on grass.

Grain Fed Beef

Cattle spends the first 6 months of their lives drinking their mothers milk, and then they eat grass in a pasture, and only during the last 6-8 months of their lives they are given grain, this can be 150 Day , 300 Day, 450 Day grain fed.

Organic Beef

Beef labeled as “Organic” may be fed grain as long as its organic grain.

Classifications of Australian Beef

Yearling beef or yearling steer Y or YS

  • Up to 18 months old with no adult teeth
  • A male is labelled as YS while Y may be male or female

Young Beef or Young Steer YG or YGS

  • Cattle have 0, 1 or 2 adult teeth
  • 30 months old maximum
  • Males denoted as YGS while YG can be a male of female

Young prime beef YP or young prime steer YPS

  • Animals have 0 to 4 adult teeth
  • Up to 36 months of age
  • YP is a male or female animal while males are YPS

Iberico Beef from Spain

Iberian Beef comes from selected brands of the Iberian Peninsula such as Rubia Gallega, Casina, Mirandesa, Arouquesa, Minhota, and also for the Spanish market selects Simmental, Hereford and Holstein Frisian Breeds.


Veal V meat from cattle (male or female) with no adult teeth. Conventionally less than 70kg (154lbs)

Game Meat

On special request we s could source, Crocodile, Camel, Frog Legs, Kangaroo, Venison, Wild Bore and other Wild & Game Meats from Germany, France & Australia


Duck / Turkey/Goose / Corn Fed Chicken & Game Birds includes Grouse, Pigeon, Guinea fowl, Ostrich, Pheasant, Squab, Partridge

Iberico Pork

Iberico pork comes from pigs in Iberian Peninsula, a mountainous region covering the central and southern parts of Spain & Portugal. Iberian Pork meat is bright red compared to regular pig meat. Iberian pigs are fed mostly on acorns and are able to infiltrate a lot of fat in to their muscles, resulting in a more flavorful pork.

Premium Sri Lankan Pork

We source our pork from Sri Lanka. these pigs are whey fattened with byproducts of dairy industry and they have lived their entire lives outside of crate, they are antibiotic-free and are never administered growth hormones.