Cheese & Dairy



Diary section includes of Butter, Creams, whip cream, Spray Cream, Milk, specialized yogurts, Greek yogurt Etc.


Apero sources cheese from around the world, from Fresh to Aged, Soft to Hard many different varieties representing different flavors and textures made from Buffalo, Cow, Sheep & Goats milk.

Apero specializes in Italian origin cheeses and below are few of them.

Italian Cheese

With over 400 different kinds, its very easy to get lost in the world of Italian cheeses. Not only does each region have its own varieties an production methods. But many different milk being used as well. From buffalo and cows’ milk to goat and sheep’s milk.

Few of the famous Soft Italian cheeses


Traditionally made with buffalo milk, yet commonly made with cows milk as well, with a creamy & milky taste and a owning a unique texture mozzarella being used in Pizza,  salads and many more dishes.


Made with buffalo or cows milk, having a cream and a milky taste profile it has a distinctive soft, almost liquid center, commonly used in pizza, salad & in platters.


Commonly made with cow’s milk however ricotta also being made with buffalo, Sheep’s or goat’s milk. Having a creamy and sweet taste, ricotta being commonly used in Pasta filling and salads.


Made with cream and having a richly creamy taste used in Tiramisu and other Italian Inspired desserts.

Semi – Soft Italian Cheeses


Made with cows milk, a pungent, blue veined Gorgonzola is one of the most popular blue cheeses on the planet. Gorgonzola dolce is more mild and creamy in flavor while gorgonzola picante has been aged for a longer period of time and therefore very pungent in flavor.


Pear shaped scamorza is often thought of as a relative of mozzarella, its creamy but firm and is often smoked. This cheese is hung on a string to age, which is how it gets its traditional shape and golden skin, after 2 weeks it is sold as is or smoked – and with a woody, creamy flavour scamorza is special.


Hailing from Lombardy in the North of Italy, Taleggio has a similar consistency to oozy camembert at room temperature. Even with a pungent smell, its creamy soft cheese taste is milder than we think.

Hard Italian Cheese

Grana Padano

Grana Padano can look very similar to Parmesan and its also made with cows milk, however it needs only to age for a minimum of 9 months resulting a milder and softer cheese than parmesan. Grana Padano is produced year around however the quality can vary depending on the season its produced.

Parmesan or Parmigiano Reggiano

Italy’s most popular cheese is known as “Parmigiano Reggiano” or even as the “king of the cheeses” in its home country. This hard cheese gets more intense in flavor the longer it ages, crumbly, salty and savory, parmesan is a classic example of the fifth taste umami. Parmesan can be only made between April & November with milk from grass-fed cows. While a young parmesan has to age for at least 12 months, there are parmesans that age for up to 6 years.


Pecorino is a hard cheese made from Sheep’s milk with flavor that range from nutty to salty. Savory to tangy or a combination of all, depending on how long its aged. There are 6 main regional variants, with the most famous being Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo from Sardinia.

Pecorino is made all over Italy, each with its own unique flavor and slightly different process. They are typically aged for about 8 months, but can also be sold and served “fresco” or Semi-Stagionato” for a softer texture and milder, creamier flavor.

Artisan Cheeses

Artisanal cheese refers to cheeses produced by hand using the traditional craftmanship of skilled cheesemakers. As a result, the cheeses are often more complex in taste and variety. Many are aged and ripened to achieve certain aesthetics. Cheeses made with different toppings, such as Truffles, Mustard, herbs and fruits are also adding color and flavor to dishes and cuisines.