Apéro prides itself at being one of the leading fine charcuterie companies in the region.


We have earned a reputation within the industry for delivering quality, competitively priced products combined with an unrivalled commitment to customer satisfaction.

For a food service partner that can identify and meet your specific requirements please please contact us and one of sales team will be in touch.

Logistics & Infrastructure



Apéro has been a pioneer in Gourmet services industry in Sri Lanka utilizing ultra-modern facilities for receiving and storing, prior to distribution.

Our facility features designated areas for:
• Meats and Poultry.
• Cheese and Dairy.
• Hams and Sausages.                                                                        • Organic Groceries.

Currently Apéro imports products from over 20 countries worldwide. 


Our Categories


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The team at Apéro have been an absolute pleasure and a great service partner to us for the last 3 and half years!
Apéro has sourced and supplied some of the hardest to get and best quality products during some of the most challenging times in global supply chain.

Only the best quality 

Decadent flavours

Food safety & temperature controlled


Best pricing & availability