Vegan & Organic


Vegan Food

Vegan food contains no animal products, No meat, fish, dairy, eggs or honey. With the developing food technology many of the popular dishes has being developed based on vegan recipes, for example Vegan pizza, vegan Taco , Burgers, Hot dogs and even cheese & Ice Creams.

When you add in the wealth of fruits, vegetables, legumes and their associated products, nuts and nut butter, salads, herbs and spices.

All the products that can be made with grains, including bread and pasta, and other baked goods such as bagels, pretzels, cakes and cookies. And alongside rice (Basmati, white, brown, black, Arborio and wild) we can choose from millet and quinoa, orzo and amaranth, buckwheat, oats, corn, freekeh and more.

Dairy alternates can be vegan plant based products such as oat, soy, hemp, rice , almond or cashew milk. Yogurts, cream, cheesecakes and ice creams made using soy, coconut or cashews. There is even Sour cream, whippable cream and cream cheese made using these plant-based milk.

Gluten Free

Gluten free diet excludes any food that contains gluten, which is a protein found in wheat and several other grains. This diet can be due to health concern or a life-style choice, in order to cater to this special diet requirement, many food ingredients has being processed to support this category such as gluten free breads, pasta etc.

Organic Food

Organic foods have being grown or farmed without the use of Artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). In order to be labelled organic a food must be free of artificial food additives such as artificial sweeteners, preservatives, coloring, flavoring and MSG.  organically grown crops tend to use natural fertilizers like manure to improve plant growth. Animals raised organically are not given antibiotics or hormones.